Custom Industrial Packaging For Manufacturers

Packaging for industrial manufacturers

Custom Industrial Packaging For Manufacturers

FCA Packaging provides custom industrial packaging solutions for companies looking to ship or store their products safely and economically.

Industrial packaging is not a one size fits all for businesses. It might seem cheaper to buy ready made products, yet if something goes wrong, not only is your product damaged, but potentially your reputation. We offer an alternative that is economical and secure.

From custom built skids to crates built to the unique configuration and weight of your product, we offer manufacturers a number of customized options ranging from reusable products to products designed for high volume production runs.

Our engineers design solutions designed specifically for your products ranging from fine fabrics or large aircraft engines.

Our ISTA lab can certify your packaging to the transportation standard you’ve established or we can help you create one specific to your supply chain requirements. We’ve been doing this for over 25 years with experienced engineers and builders which often times allow us to create products in hours versus of days or weeks. We can work as an extension of your business on site or support from one of our many existing locations across the U.S.  We work with a number of industries including Custom shipping productsmanufacturers of, but not limited to:

  • Energy equipment
  • Electrical products
  • Engines and components
  • Industrial film
  • Industrial fabrics
  • Aerospace and Defense equipment
  • Industrial products

For manufacturers in the defense industry we provide packaging that meets strict MIL Spec packaging standards.

Custom crates for industrial film

Film crate

Your product can be built with a variety of materials including wood, plastic, metal composite materials and more.

By investing in custom industrial packaging for your business, you can maximum profits, efficiency, and success.  Call FCA Packaging today and take advantage of our packaging experts experience Call FCA Packaging today for a consultation and packaging analysis! Contact our corporate office at (309) 792-3444 or fill out our contact form.