FCA Packaging designs and manufactures a variety of custom products for the shipping or storage of industrial products. We also provide a broad range of highly customized, heavy duty, industrial packaging products and services to many of the leading OEM across a variety of industries.

We have locations throughout the United States to better serve our customers, including a manufacturing plant in Corry, Pennsylvania. FCA Packaging manufactures custom industrial packaging that includes wood, steel, corrugated and hybrid material products, as well as expendable, reusable and returnable solutions.

Many of our customers are the industry leaders in their sectors and the products for which we design and build custom packaging are often mission critical to their business. They often need advanced engineering solutions to protect their products and shipments but are affordable to protect their bottom line. Our expertise is designed to provide peace of mind, while adding economic value.

Among the industries we serve are the aerospace and defense industries, energy, medical, construction, agricultural industries, as well as delicate products such as electrical equipment, computers, and fine fabric.

We design and manufacture for heavy industrial equipment, everything from large platforms for turbines to crates and packaging for parts distribution. We can provide one-time use products or reusable packaging if that is what a customer needs.

Whether heavy, fragile or both, we’ll ensure the product is protected. We’ll design the packaging around the shipping and the economic requirements of your business. In some cases, we can co-locate a plant with our customer to provide the product on site whether it be on an hourly or daily basis. This allows us to provide your packaging in a just in time environment.

Our designers and builders have a high level of expertise, as well as exacting standards. With our clients, we look not only to meet their expectations with their products, but exceed them. Among the products we offer are:

  • Custom built pallets of any size
  • Heavy duty engineered skids
  • Crates and boxes of any size
  • Reusable Utility Box
  • Collapsible packaging that is easy to set up

We can not only help reduce costs with our packaging, but we can lower freight costs, storage costs and set up and take down costs.

With our Corry plant we serve customers in Pennsylvania, New York, and the surrounding areas including Ohio.

FCA Packaging supports its packaging products with an array of value added services including design engineering and prototyping, testing, manufacturing, container management and tracking, recycle management and repair/refurbishment.

Our customers have come to expect quick turnaround times on their orders. FCA Packaging can often complete their custom-made products within 24 hours and for rush jobs we can often be done in less than four hours.

By outsourcing your packaging to FCA, you can reduce your overall costs and allow your employees to focus on the manufacturing or development of your products.

Contact FCA Packaging today to learn how our company can assist you in your shipping or storage needs.

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