FCA Packaging designs and builds a wide range of innovative products for the shipping or storage of industrial products. We work with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who have need highly-customized packaging requirements.

With locations throughout the United States, including Coeymans (Schenectady), New York we manufacture and design industrial packaging

Industrial Packaging Plant

products made from wood, steel, corrugated, or a hybrid material. We can manufacture shipping containers matched to the needs of specific products. With all of our products we carefully test them to ensure they have the durability and protection you need.
FCA Packaging also works with national companies that need just in time industrial packaging. We already service some of world’s leading OEM’s from a variety of industries, including the Aerospace and Defense and Energy sectors.

We support our packaging products with an array of services including design, testing, manufacturing, container management and tracking, recycle management and repair/refurbishment.

All of our custom products are put to the test during each phase of design and manufacturing using our ISTA certified testing labs and procedures. This includes testing its ability to withstand vibration (transportation), compression (material strength), and dropping (durability). If a product is fragile, no matter what its size, we’ll provide the necessary internal and external protection.

Our designers and builders have a high level of expertise, as well as high standards. With our customers, we look not only to meet their expectations, but exceed them. And our engineering and material capabilities assure we can do it at a competitive price that saves your packaging budget.

Among the products we offer are:
• Custom built pallets of any size
• Custom engineered skids
• Crates for various uses
• Reusable collapsible packaging
• Reusable wood and streel packaging

We work closely with businesses in and around Coeymans, as well as surrounding cities such as Troy, Schenectady, Saratoga Springs, and Albany, New York.

Our engineers will carefully examine what is needed for a product and then adapt their designs to accommodate the needs of the product and its handling. We have experience with a wide range of products in a variety of industries. From solar panels to engines to delicate fabric and film stock, we help protect billions of dollars’ worth of merchandise and equipment each year.

We look to lower your overall costs for packaging, while reducing lead times for orders. Many businesses have come to rely on us for the complete sourcing and manufacturing of their packaging.

Our customers have come to expect quick turnaround times on their orders. FCA Packaging can often complete their orders within 24 hours and for rush jobs can often be done in less than four hours.

Our job is to make sure you have no worries, whether you’re shipping your products across the country or storing them for extended periods of time in a warehouse. We have more than 30 years’ experience working with businesses of all types.

Contact FCA Packaging today to learn how our company can assist you in your shipping or packaging needs. Call our office at (518) 756-9255 or (309) 792-3444.

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