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Crate Tech is a custom crating and packaging supply company, with locations in Wichita Kansas and throughout the United States. We design crates and pallets that are specifically built for products to be shipped or stored in. From heavy aerospace and aviation parts to large and small electronic devices, we ensure the items stored within are protected at all times, even when shipped overseas.

Our customers vary from people who simply need to ship household goods to companies that need to ship out thousands of products. No matter the size of the product or the size of the project, we can help.

Our manufacturing plant in Wichita can help clients throughout the United States, including customers in our area that need shipping supplies. We have everything from corrugated boxes, stretch film, to custom foam products. We also offer onsite packaging services with Industrial Shipping Manufacturing Wichita Kansastechnicians that have decades of experience.  But particularly, we design and manufacture custom packaging, boxes and crates for your products.

Crate Tech also has a metals division that is able to design and build any steel products needed by our customers. This includes having a steel fabrication plant that produces cutting-edge reusable containers.

Our onsite services include:

  • Designing and building custom wood or steel crates, boxes and pallets
  • Shrink wrapping your product to hold it in place
  • Heat wrapping that forms a protective seal around any item
  • Refurbishing damaged crates
  • MilSpec packaging for military requirements

We also have additional resources available to our customer since our parent company is FCA Packaging. FCA has designed and built a broad range of heavy-duty industrial packaging products, while also assisting many of the world’s leading OEM’s in a variety of industries.

More than simple boxes, our custom crates are designed to withstand shipping or storage, no matter their size or how fragile they might be. The interior of the crate provides the proper support for the product no matter its weight. This helps to eliminate the potential for shifting, which is often why products are damaged during shipping. Yet, they are also made of wood, which means they are often cheaper to manufacture than most other materials.

Our pallets are also designed for heavy use, but are specifically built to protect the item, whether it’s being shipped or stored for an extended period of time in a warehouse.  We thoroughly test our products to ensure they are built to your economic expectations, as well as performance expectations for use.

If you’re located in the Wichita area and have an item that can’t be moved because of its size or because it is too fragile, we can come on site to do the work. Our technicians have years of experience and will work with you so that you continue to have control of the product.  We are also fully insured.

Our Wichita location works with businesses in surrounding communities such as Kansas City, Kansas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, among others.

Our job is to make sure you have no worries whether you’re shipping your products across the country or storing them for extended periods of time in a warehouse. We have more than 20 years’ experience working with businesses of all types.

Contact Crate Tech, Inc. today to learn how our company can assist you in your shipping or packaging manufacturing needs. Call our Wichita office at (316) 682-6223 or our corporate office at (309) 792-3444.  Or visit

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