Custom Built Industrial Pallets, Skids, Crates, and Other Shipping Products

FCA Packaging provides skillfully engineered custom-designed products for the storage or distribution of products of any size or weight. We also provide a broad range of highly customized, heavy duty, industrial packaging products and services to many of the leading OEMs across a variety of industries.

We have locations throughout the United States in order to meet the needs of our customers, including our location in Dayton, Ohio.Custom Industrial Skids and Pallets Dayton Ohio

Our Dayton plant works with companies throughout the area, as well as businesses in Clayton, Columbus, Cincinnati and other communities in Ohio.

Whether you need a shipping box or crate to transport an engine or aircraft parts or custom pallets that can be used to ship products across the country or overseas, we can help. Our engineers have the experience to handle any project and you can expect reliable and on time crating, skidding, and packaging products and services.

Our goal is to ensure that what you are shipping arrives safely and securely to any destination, no matter the distance or the mode of transportation.

We use the most up to date systems and processes to address the most challenging industrial packaging needs for a variety of businesses and industries. Among the products we manufacture:

  • Custom designed pallets
  • Heavy-duty skids
  • Mil-Spec packaging
  • Reusable crates, boxes, skids, and pallets
  • Steel, wood and hybrid packaging products
  • Custom designed shipping crates
  • Collapsible packaging that is easy to set up

Each year our manufacturing plants throughout the United States design packaging that protects billions of dollars in products every year.

Among the industries we serve are the aerospace and defense industries, energy, medical, construction, agricultural industries, as well as delicate products such as electrical equipment, computers, and fine fabric.

Our customers have come to consistently expect quick turnaround times on their orders. FCA Packaging can often complete their custom-made products within 24 hours and for rush jobs, we can often be done in less than four hours. And when an emergency order is received, they can often be manufactured and delivered within two hours.

With full diagnostic and ISTA-certified reporting capabilities, FCA Packaging can design and test your packaging products to meet your quality and economic objectives.

By outsourcing your packaging to FCA, you can reduce your overall costs and allow your employees to focus on the manufacturing or development of your products.

For over 30 years we’ve been assisting businesses with their industrial shipping products and packaging, as well as their skids, crates, and pallets. Find out how our Dayton facility can help your business. Call our corporate office at (309) 792-3444 to learn how engineers can assist you or fill out our contact form.