FCA provides custom aerospace and defense packaging and specializes in designing and building custom packaging to meet strict MIL Spec packaging standards.

Aerospace equipment manufacturers and fabricators can turn to FCA to enable global supply chains through lower packaging costs and fast lead times—often under 24 hours. We design custom aerospace packaging to protect:

  • Heavy and delicate aerospace equipment,
  • Aerospace components and spare parts
  • Assemblies and sub-assemblies
  • MIL-SPEC equipment

Learn more about our aerospace packaging products below or Contact Us to see how we can help.

Customized Aerospace Crates

We’re tasked to build crates to protect aerospace equipment of all sizes, dimensions and weights—from valuable aviation parts to large, yet delicate aerospace sub-assemblies.

Large Custom Crate

We can design and build custom crates and boxes large enough to protect even the largest and heaviest aerospace and defense equipment during transit. We’re even able to manufacture custom box sizes to correspond with multiple SKUs to meet the needs of complex global supply chains and distribution networks.

Hybrid Reusable Utility Box

FCA helps streamline global aerospace supply chains by designing custom boxes and that can be used multiple times and easily customized to the needs of different equipment. All of our utility boxes can be customized to meet stringent MIL Spec specifications.

Heavy Duty Skid and Box Crate

We can protect extremely heavy military and defense equipment during transit. Sometimes, we design packaging solutions so customized that they defy traditional classifications. For example, we sometimes build boxes around equipment mounted on custom skids to protect military equipment weighing tens of thousands of pounds. Our packaging can be designed to precise MIL-Spec specifications.

Collapsible Box

Our collapsible packaging solutions lower aerospace packaging costs while still protecting thousands of pounds aerospace and aviation equipment multiple times. This is crucial for aviation equipment due to increasingly global supply chains. Aside from requiring the most cost effective transportation costs, aviation equipment is assembled across more and more locations, requiring delicate parts to travel further and further from one assembly location to the next. These crates require no tools or brackets, and are ready to set up in less than 5 seconds!

Hybrid Returnable Skid

Our returnable skids can protect heavy industrial equipment during transit multiple times to deliver maximum customer savings. We often turn to hybrid wood and steel for returnable skids since they are lighter than steel yet still durable enough to protect equipment weighing thousands of pounds multiple uses.

Hybrid Reusable Box

FCA builds custom boxes durable enough to protect heavy aerospace and defense equipment multiple times during transit yet flexible enough to be easily adapted to the precise needs of specific equipment. For example, this re-usable box was custom designed to house a high-value antenna for a military aircraft, suspending the product on shock absorbing mounts within the unit. FCA reduced this company’s packaging cost by 67% and the packaging tare weight by over 50%.