OEMs turn to FCA to design and build custom packaging to protect industrial energy equipment, such as drills, turbines, generators, solar panels and other energy equipment. We thoroughly test our custom packaging to ensure it meets the ASTM packaging standards necessary to protect everything from heavy turbines to delicate solar panels.

Large Platform

FCA’s engineered wood products allow for the economical design and manufacture of heavy, reusable platforms that are stronger than traditional wood materials and are ISPM-15 compliant. They can withstand significantly more weight and pressure, and can be shipped internationally without heat-treat stamps.

Hybrid Reusable Utility Box

We customize boxes to package and protect energy equipment and parts of all sizes. Based on the needs of our customers’ equipment, we use wood, steel, plastic, and hybrid materials. All of our packaging can be certified to meet necessary ASTM packaging standards.

Custom Skid and Box Crates

FCA designed and built this returnable packaging for a specific Wind Energy application. This skid and outer crate hold a 35,000 lbs. gear box for one of our customer’s wind energy products. Constructed from engineered wood, this specific application is a returnable package that will withstand multiple trips. FCA has also designed engineered wood packaging for turbines weighing over 300,000 lbs.!

Custom Glass Box and Pallet

Alternative energy equipment is often heavy or fragile. OEMs turn to us to engineer the most cost effective packaging to protect their valuable equipment. Our packaging engineers thoroughly test our packaging designs in our ISTA-certified packaging lab to make sure that our packaging is not only cost effective but can adequately protect millions of dollars of delicate equipment.

Custom Equipment Crates

To best protect their industrial equipment, OEMs turn to us to design and build custom boxes of every size, strength, and application. Depending on our customers’ needs, we can engineer packaging to be either expendable packaging or returnable packaging. We can build custom boxes in multiple SKUs to streamline logistics and distribution networks.

Collapsible Boxes & Crates

We always deliver maximum value to our customers and frequently design custom collapsible boxes. Usually made of engineered wood, collapsible boxes reduce storage space and freight costs, yet they are durable enough to protect heavy energy equipment like turbines or generators. These crates require no tools or brackets, and are ready to set up in less than 5 seconds!