OEMs turn to FCA for custom engine packaging for industrial engines, turbines, generators, components and spare parts. We custom design and build engine packaging out of wood, steel, and hybrid materials. We design both expendable, one-use packaging and returnable packaging to deliver maximum value to our client over the packaging’s intended lifetime.

Learn more about our engine packaging products below or contact FCA to learn more about how we can help you with your engine packaging needs.

Returnable Steel Engine Rack

To protect heavy industrial engines during transit, we design and build engine racks that are customized around the contours and specifics of heavy industrial engines. Our packaging engineers thoroughly test our custom engine racks to meet strict ASTM standards and make sure they can adequately protect heavy industrial engines during transit and withstand multiple uses if necessary. This low-weight design utilized FCA’s engineering and allowed our customer to add an extra engine to each load without exceeding trucking weight limits.

Returnable Engine Skid

We build skids out of steel and hybrid materials to not only protect heavy industrial engines but also withstand multiple uses and lower our customers packaging costs over time.

Multi-Use Product Skid

We design multi use equipment skids engineered to deliver maximum value over the intended lifetime. For example, this multi-use skid not only can protect a 3,000 lbs. engine but also be recycled 3-5 times.

Large Engine Crate

No size is too large or small. We design and build custom engine crates for everything ranging from spare parts to large engines.

FCA’s custom packaging solutions include custom boxes of every size, strength, and application. Our ability to build custom size boxes in multiple SKU’s lends itself particularly well to parts distribution centers and networks. No size is too large or too small.

Large Custom Engine Skid

We build custom equipment skids for heavy engines, generators, and other power generation equipment. This particular skid is built out of engineered wood and tested to protect a 20,000 lbs. engine during transit. Depending on the needs of the equipment, we also build custom skids out of steel and hybrid materials.

Heavy Duty Skid and Box Crate

Many of our packaging solutions defy traditional classifications and are combinations of multiple products. We often design boxes with built in skids to protect extremely heavy engines and parts. For example, the packaging above was customized to protect a 35,000 lbs. gear box for wind energy equipment and designed to withstand multiple uses.

Custom Engine Skid

Our engine skids are custom designed around the specific needs and features of our customers’ engines. This engine skid is constructed from engineered wood and heat treated pine and designed to hold and protect a 1,800 lbs. diesel engine during transit.

Custom Engine Crate

We design and build custom crates to protect everything from engine components and spare parts to industrial engines and generators.

Collapsible Box

We turn to collapsible boxes and other types of collapsible packaging whenever possible to reduce freight costs, storage space, and inventory costs. Our collapsible boxes are engineered to be durable enough to protect heavy equipment yet simple enough to collapse to take up less space during transit. These collapsible boxes require no tools or brackets, and are ready to set up in less than 5 seconds!