Multi-Use Product Skid

FCA is the industry leader in designing, manufacturing and managing heavy-duty custom engine skids for our customers. This particular product holds a 2,000 lbs. diesel engine and gets recycled 3-5 times.

Large Platform

FCA’s engineered wood products allow for the economical design and manufacture of heavy, reusable platforms that are stronger than traditional wood materials and are ISPM-15 compliant. They can withstand significantly more weight and pressure, and can be shipped internationally without heat-treat stamps.

Large Heavy Duty Custom Skid

FCA specializes in building durable skids for heavy engines, generators, and other engine and power generation equipment. This particular skid holds a 20,000 lbs. engine and is supported by superior design, durable engineered wood, and FCA engineering.

Large Custom Crate

FCA’s custom packaging solutions include custom boxes of every size, strength, and application. Our ability to build custom size boxes in multiple SKU’s lends itself particularly well to parts distribution centers and networks. No size is too large or too small.

Hybrid Reusable Utility Box

FCA builds wood, steel, plastic and hybrid containers and custom packaging for defense, aerospace, military and government that meet military specifications.

Hybrid Reusable Box

FCA builds wood, steel, plastic and hybrid containers and customer packaging for defense, aerospace, military and government.

This product housed a high-value antenna for a military aircraft, suspending the product on shock absorbing mounts within the unit. FCA reduced this company’s packaging cost by 67% and the packaging tare weight by over 50%.

Hybrid Returnable Skid

FCA builds custom crates, skids, boxes and other customer packaging for multiple industrial applications including agriculture, construction, and mining. FCA’s patent pending hybrid wood and steel skid is a returnable product that lowers total packaging cost.

Heavy Duty Skid and Box Crate

FCA designed and built this returnable packaging for a specific Wind Energy application. This skid and outer crate hold a 35,000 lbs. gear box for one of our customer’s wind energy products. Constructed from engineered wood, this specific application is a returnable package that will withstand multiple trips.

Custom Reusable Box

FCA has even built custom packaging solutions for photo reactive printing plates shipped to and stored at customer sites. This hybrid packaging solution keeps high value photo reactive printing plates safe and level, while allowing the customer to remove plates as required without exposing the product to excessive light or the need to destack the containers.

Custom Product Skid

FCA specializes in custom skids for heavy industrial equipment. This skid is constructed from engineered wood and heat treated pine. This skid holds a 1,800 lbs. diesel engine.

Custom Pallet

Specialty fabrics, films and paper products often require custom packaging solutions for shipping. This custom skid holds this extremely heavy and high value film, keeping it secure during shipping.

Custom Crate

FCA can build durable crates and boxes of any size, dimension, or weight to protect your valuable product. This particularly long crate holds heavy, long rolls of our customer’s paper product and protects it while shipping.

Collapsible Box

FCA has several collapsible box applications that reduce freight costs, yet are durable enough to hold equipment weighing several thousand pounds. Reduce storage space, freight costs, and inventory with FCA’s various collapsible box options.