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FCA Information Sheet

Serving many of the world’s leading OEM’s for over two decades, FCA’s complete solution approach is uniquely tailored to large industrial manufacturers with complex and highly-customized packaging requirements. Whether in wood, steel, corrugated or hybrid; whether expendable, reusable or returnable, FCA provides the comprehensive solutions that add value to your organization.

Unique Product Offering

FCA offers a broad range of critical and highly customized industrial packaging that includes wood, steel, corrugated and hybrid products, as well as expendable, reusable and returnable solutions. One of FCA’s largest raw material components is engineered wood. products manufactured from engineered wood are price-comparable to traditional lumber products while providing superior strength and shipping benefits, including compliance with the ISPM-15 standard.

Design Engineering

The just-in-time, low volume, and custom nature of FCA’s product offering requires unique and specialized engineering capabilities. FCA’s design engineering department can model, prototype, and test packaging solutions to meet the ever changing requirements of our customers and to ensure product is securely positioned and protected.


FCA offers an innovative, patent pending hybrid product constructed from engineered wood and specialized steel components. This hybrid packaging can be reused as many as 30 to 50 times, and is generally 50% more cost competitive than traditional steel packaging. Hybrid products are a highly flexible and environmentally friendly product option that proactively addresses our customers’ ongoing efforts to drive cost out of the manufacturing process and minimize environmental impact.

Industry Expertise

FCA designs and manufactures custom packaging solutions for many of the world’s leading OEM’s across multiple industries including industrial construction,agriculture, aerospace, energy, specialty fabrics, engine manufacturing and others. If your product requires packaging with unique and custom dimensions, is heavy, fragile, or otherwise hard-to-handle, FCA will provide the solution to package and protect your valuable product.

We Are Where You Are

Our unique Customer proximity and Co-Location capability provides just-intime delivery and rapid-response service to our customers. FCA’s facilities are generally located less than 20 miles from customers, and most are co-located at a customer site or within a few miles of their manufacturing facilities. We can co-locate with you regardless of your location. With multiple manufacturing facilities across the country, and several more planned and/or in construction, we are where you are, and where you need us to be!