Importance And Benefits Of Package Testing
Importance And Benefits Of Package Testing
October 6, 2017
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May 20, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Custom Packaging for Aerospace

Everything You Need to Know About Custom Packaging for Aerospace

Many industries require custom packaging to properly protect product. The extensive guidelines and regulations for products related to the aerospace industry specifically, make the packaging for these items even more vital for success. Most aerospace products must stay properly calibrated during transit, allowing no room for damage due to unreliable packaging. The integrity of the packaging is crucial for not only protection but many other reasons.


Saves money and speeds up delivery

Proper custom packaging used for aerospace allows time efficiency. For instance, if an item is delivered damaged, either the item would need to be shipped back and repaired, or a new item must be shipped. This will create a much longer process which not only slows a project down, but could be the reason of losing substantial amounts of money. An Aerospace company should be certain that proper packaging is used. FCA not only can design the exact packaging you need to feel comfortable it will ship undamaged, but also is certified to validate the packaging through extensive ISTA testing, so there would be no doubt the packaging will be efficient.


Improves the supply chain

Packaging that allows timely and safe delivery will positively affect the supply chain within the aerospace organization. Delivering damaged items, or causing an interruption to a facility’s production, without a doubt causes significant problems for a company. Packaging should not be the reason customers are not satisfied with your product, or receive the product on time. Through FCA’s engineering, design and production capabilities, an aerospace company would not need to focus extra time or efforts on their packaging. FCA is confident with their ability to care for the product, they are willing to take responsibility and guarantee product safety.


Custom packaging allows transport of specific items

In the aerospace industry, along with multiple other industries, there are unique items that cannot be transported using a standard off-the-shelf package. Custom packaging of critical importance. FCA can cater to any specific need a company could have for transportation. Whether that be very large or heavy items, difficult to handle items, or items that cannot be exposed to the environment. If there is a requirement for returnable packaging, or packaging that needs to be especially robust, FCA can design hybrid packaging using multiple different material substrates (i.e., wood, steel, corrugated, plastic, etc.) to provide the exact packaging one would need at the right price that fits into their program and meets the quality and financial goals of the company and its customers.


The final word

Custom packaging is required in multiple industries and aerospace is no different. There is no reason a company should lose time, money, and resources because a package is not built to fit your mission critical product. FCA can guarantee proper custom packaging for whatever your product is no matter how unique or out of the ordinary the packaging needs to be.


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