Different Materials For Different Crates
Different Materials For Different Crates
September 26, 2017

Importance And Benefits Of Package Testing

Importance And Benefits Of Package Testing

As companies strive to win in an increasingly competitive market place, insuring that product arrives safely and intact with minimal warranty issues is paramount.   In order to ensure this, companies need to be sure that their packaging supplier has high expertise in their knowledge and design of packaging to support the shipment of their product around the world.  Testing can be a critical part of that success, and FCA has an ISTA Certified Packaging lab.


Laboratory Testing

Packaging testing allows our customers to be sure that the packaging we have designed and built will hold up under the shipping and handling conditions they specify.  Up to certain sizes, FCA can test that product in house in its ISTA Certified packaging lab.  We can to drop testing, compression testing, impact testing and shake table testing.  For larger items that may be less conducive to actual product testing, FCA has FEA testing capabilities.  We can design and testing the packaging we build for you along with 3D models of your product to ensure fit, performance, and viability.


Material testing

FCA has an unsurpassed knowledge of wood, steel and hybrid materials that it uses to design its products. With the ability and breadth of material properties and usage, our ability to test materials has played a huge role in designing and building high quality packaging at the lowest possible prices.


Ease of Use and Handling

This type of testing involves humans and it is responsible for two things. The first one is how easy or complicated it is handle, unload and load the packaging or associated product. FCA can visit your facility to better understand your production lines, how the product is built, handled, and at what point it is joined with packaging to endure productivity, no line downtime, minimal space, and successful sequencing of the packaging with the marrying of the product.  We often operate within our customers’ plants to make sure packaging is ready – whether lineside, or after movement into a packaging area.  We will make the process best suits your manufacturing environment.



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