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February 26, 2016
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February 26, 2016

FCA Packaging Adds Testing Capabilities to its Suite of Design and Engineering Services.

FCA, LLC (www.fcapackaging.com) the leader in custom designed industrial packaging solutions, announced today the official opening of its upgraded Design and Engineering Center.  Located in Coal Valley IL, adjacent to one of FCA’s major manufacturing facilities, this state of the art packaging research and development center houses FCA’s new packaging testing equipment as well as a team of Packaging Engineers, Project Managers, Sustaining Engineers and Testing Lab Facility Manager.  Mike Thompson, Engineering Operations Manager for FCA, says “the addition of testing equipment is the final component of our comprehensive engineering solution. This equipment and testing capability will not only be a valuable service to our customers, but more importantly, it allows us to do in house validation of our engineered prototypes. This gives our customers peace of mind by ensuring they are shipping proven packaging at launch.”

In addition to the packaging design capabilities FCA has long offered its customers, FCA’s in-house testing equipment now includes a hydraulic vibration testing table and an incline impact tester.  Jennifer Dormire, Director of Operations Management for FCA adds that “high speed video, accelerometers, and full diagnostic and reporting capabilities give us the ability to provide our customers with validated designs and manufactured product without the need for a third party testing lab or engineering group.  We can now perform several testing sequences to ASTM standards.  This also allows our customers to greatly reduce testing costs, rapid prototyping timelines, and time-to-test.”  FCA continues to lead the custom industrial packaging industry by providing comprehensive solutions that include custom design, manufacturing and management of specialized packaging products.  Now it includes complete testing.

About FCA

FCA supplies a broad range of critical, highly customized, heavy duty, just-in-time industrial packaging products and services to many of the world’s leading OEM’s across several industries. FCA’s unique products include custom engineered skids, crates, pallets, boxes and other unique packaging solutions that protect billions of dollars of valuable customer inventory. FCA also supports its packaging products with an array of value added services including design engineering and prototyping, testing, manufacturing, container management and tracking, recycle management and repair/refurbishment.

FCA’s complete solution approach is uniquely tailored to manufacturers with complex and highly-customized packaging requirements.  Through design engineering services, just-in-time manufacturing, and ongoing tracking and management services, FCA offers a complete and cost-effective solution for the entire enterprise.

For additional information visit www.fcapackaging.com to learn what FCA can do for your company.

FCA: Custom Packaging Solutions. Designed. Built. Managed.

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