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February 2, 2017
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February 16, 2017

How we protect fragile products through OEM packaging

Industrial worker building packaging products.

For OEMs, the packaging is one of the last frontiers for protection and damage avoidance – as well as cost savings. One may think of overall “cost” as being tied to the package expanse itself. Not so fast: the real mitigation happens when there are fewer warranty claims and surprise product replacement due to bad packaging or handling mishaps. In those expensive situations, it is hard to know who or what went wrong. FCA has learned how to avoid these common issues – build better packaging with both product needs and handling situations in mind. To help give each client a little more confidence, here is a better picture of how we handle film, fabrics, and other precious products for our OEM packaging service.


Film and Fabrics

Film and fabric materials are easily one of the most worrisome of products to ship. They can be easily punctured or torn. To avoid such mishaps, we package these in well thought out packs. These packs may utilize spool axles, full wood canopies, contoured nests or maybe a combination of the three if needed.


Printing Plates

Our printing plate boxes sit on the more complex end of our range. These are light-sensitive and delicate. This unit is a hybrid design built for easy use by the customer and end user. It allows for the printing plates to remain level and protected, even when the customer removes them.


Heavy Industrial Equipment

For our heavy industrial equipment packages, we build made-to-order custom crates. These transportation marvels can be designed to ship industrial equipment of varied sizes and shapes. However, we recognize that one size does not fit all for most OEM packaging requirements. That is why our heavy industrial equipment packages can include dunnage and internal bracing to support your product. They can also feature decks designed to bolt your product down for a safe and secure ride.


We also offer other unique OEM packaging materials suited for a wide range of fragile product, such as our collapsible boxes and custom crates.


Here at FCA Packaging, we believe in putting the customer’s worries to rest throughout the entire OEM packaging and transportation service. For more information on how we can start packaging your industrial equipment, check out our full products page or contact FCA Packaging today.

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