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February 26, 2016
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February 26, 2016

FCA’s Engineered Wood Product Avoids Expensive Quarantine and Infestation

Evidence of insects, tree bark, and improper stamping are just a few of reasons your products can be detained at customs. FCA has an easy solution for that without sacrificing the sustainability, durability and ease of use for wood products.

Most countries follow ISPM 15 guidelines where inbound infestation of ecologically damaging insects is controlled by the heat treat, or fumigation of solid wood packaging. Post treatment, the wood could be re-inhabited by these wood boring insects (see photo).

FCA’s Engineered Wood is exempt from all treating/stamping and breezes through customs. Because of the manufacturing process, (high heat, pressure, and resins) it is unlikely insects will make our packaging their new home.

For sustainable, economical, practical, versatile and innovative wood packaging solutions that are ISPM 15 Compliant and Ideal for shipping internationally, contact FCA.

We can engineer, build and manage your export packaging solutions.

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