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January 12, 2017
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January 26, 2017

Helping the Environment through Industrial Packaging

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More than ever before, industries are concerned about the impact that their business makes on the environment. On the one hand, we need resources to do business and keep the economy going. On the other, we don’t want to neglect and abuse the environment while utilizing resources. FCA Packaging understands the importance of staying environmentally friendly (especially in regards to custom industrial packaging). So, we provide multiple kinds of returnable and reusable packaging products to help stay eco-friendly while also being strong and efficient. Here are some of our unique returnable and reusable packaging options for industrial use.


Returnable Equipment Packaging

Why stock up or throw out good packs when you can just return and reuse them? These steel skids and racks are sturdy enough to ship your heavy equipment time and time again. These units can be designed around the shape and mount positions of your equipment. However, it is also light enough so that when placed on a moving truck, the combined weight will not exceed the limits of a typical hauler. These are certainly some of the most well thought out types of returnable packaging products in our catalog.


Hybrid Reusable Packaging

This type of reusable packaging comes in many different materials. These include mixtures composed of wood, steel, aluminum, or plastic. What this allows for is using the most practical and useful materials where and when needed. The packs can be optimized for strength, cost, reusability, and even aesthetics. One of these types of OEM packaging solutions includes a floating nest inside of a hybrid wood/plastic/aluminum crate. This allows for items with unique shapes to securely fit into the package. At the heart of this innovation, though, is the reusability. Simply put, you will be throwing away fewer resources.


Hybrid Returnable Skids

Another product we build that is both strong and reliable for multiple uses is the hybrid returnable skid. These designs can feature wood, steel, and plastics for durability and strength. Like the other reusable packaging products, this skid is good for multiple uses and is open to future modification. This shows how certain custom industrial packaging can fit your changing needs through the years.


We can talk about the possibilities of returnable and reusable packaging products all day long, but the real proof comes when you get some in your own product circulation. If you have any questions regarding these types of packages, be sure to contact FCA Packaging for more information. Our custom industrial packaging solutions are here to serve you and the environment around you.


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