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February 16, 2017
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March 2, 2017

How we engineer reliable packaging solutions

The goal of any packaging is to protect the item inside. We are pretty sure everyone could guess that. The real question in packaging is how to ensure the resilience of the packaging itself. What makes FCA’s products last? How have we gotten to a place where we can guarantee a pack’s lifespan? It’s the same answer that keeps us standing out from the crowd: Engineering.


Choosing Materials

From wood to steel, plastics to corrugated, our products are built with the right materials to meet the needs desired. For instance, our products for the electrical industry are largely wood-based. This offers little conflict with the expected equipment because the material transmits less resonance. We’ve developed returnable steel engine racks that stay in service for years. Regardless of the application, FCA Engineering has the knowledge and tools to vet the right materials for your job.


Engineering Process

Our design process is a balance between speed and efficiency. Packaging is a fast-moving industry. Lead times are short, but the quality is expected. To ensure speed, our engineers work closely with sales, purchasing, and pricing. To ensure quality, we have assembled some of the field’s most talented packaging design engineers. We are proud of the growth and skillset this department brings to FCA. If not for the investment into developing this group, our reach into several markets wouldn’t be possible.



At the core of what our Engineering group offers is validation. Proof the pack will actually do its job. Our package testing labs are capable of assigning ISTA-certification, and we have employees certified yearly to keep up with changing standards. In order to receive such approval, packages must pass varied mixes of tests including inclined impact, drops, compression, vibrations, and more.


All the design, manufacturing, and testing at FCA is about building a custom-made package for your specific needs. For more information on our custom packaging design and services, be sure to contact FCA Packaging today. For a list of our current product options, please check out our catalog here. Whether it is for light or heavy industrial packaging, you can believe that we will keep your items safe.

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