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Industrial Packaging and Avoiding Customs Delays

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As a leading  provider of industrial packaging, FCA knows a thing or two about shipping and customs. We put all our efforts into providing our customers the highest quality packaging possible, so we can’t help but be invested in making sure that their products get to where they’re going safely, securely, and on time. We’ve got the safety of your product covered through the design and manufacture of custom-fit packaging. So let’s go over some ways you can ensure that your product doesn’t get delayed at customs.


Ensure Your Paperwork is Accurate

Paperwork errors are the cause of many products and goods being delayed at customs. Customs can delay the shipment of your product for several days, so make sure to go over your paperwork with a fine toothed comb to ensure the accuracy of all information. You should also try to write very specific product descriptions, as vague descriptions can set off alarms for customs officials.


Comply with Safety Standards

Depending on your product and whether or not it falls under the regulation of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, you may have to meet certain safety standards by obtaining a compliance certification. The good news is that you can rest assured that your FCA industrial packaging can be ISTA Certified, meaning that our packaging passes drop tests, compression tests, vibration tests, inclined impact tests and other tests as requested or required.


Use a Known Shipper

It’s a good idea to make sure your manufacturer is in the Transportation Security Administration’s Known Shipper program. This ensures that TSA is aware of the vendor’s identity, which speeds up the process of review by customs officials. You may also want to consider participating in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, which has a set of strict compliance guidelines and allows U.S. Customs to monitor participating industrial packaging shipments.



Additionally, you can use FCA’s engineered wood materials in the design and manufacture of your product. Engineered wood products are compliant with ISPM-15 regulations and don’t require heat treating – limiting paper work, and other delays at customs. Most of FCA’s largest customers who ship product internationally rely on FCA to build their packaging out of engineered wood to ensure compliance with foreign standards and smooth import into other countries.
We know that industrial packaging and shipping is complex. That’s why we do everything in our power to make sure that your product, no matter what industry it falls under, is protected from the start. We work with our customers to understand their individual needs while keeping in mind shipping regulations. If you have any questions, contact us at (309).792.3444 or send us an email at

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