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August 10, 2016
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August 24, 2016

Our Packaging Management Services

ISTA testing

All of our packaging is ISTA tested, so use FCA for all industrial packaging needs.

At FCA Packaging, our job doesn’t end when you’ve received the right packaging for you.  Besides custom designing, prototyping, and testing your protective packaging, we also offer a host of packaging management services for you to take advantage of after your initial order.  For an industrial packaging solutions company that truly does it all, check out our extended services.

Container Refurbishment

FCA Packaging doesn’t only offer one-time packaging, but packaging that can be reused again and again.  This is not only cost-effective, but less stressful for you as the customer, as you know that you’re continuing to use a product that works for you and your needs.  However, continuing to use the same exact packaging, regardless of its durability, can begin to weaken over time, which is why we offer container repair and refurbishment.  We have the ability to take the packaging that we initially provided you with and make it even better as time goes on.

Container Repair

We protect billions of dollars worth of customer product each year, so you can count on us to be a safe bet.  When container refurbishment and repair of returnable or reusable packaging is required, we’ve got you covered.  In addition to manufacturing your original packaging, we’ll repair any damage done to that packaging over time.  There’s no need to consult an outside service to repair the packaging that we’ve created just for you, and we know how to repair it better than anyone.

Container Management and Tracking

Part of our job in protecting your products is to make sure that we know, and that you know, where they are at all times. Our container tracking services mean that you’ll always know where your products are and that they’ll get to you and your clients on time.  Additionally, we can analyze your freight patterns and save you significant money on freight by rationalizing routes, maximizing loads, and minimizing travel time.  Part of our container management value offering is to help your supply chain and container management be much more efficient and cost effective.

For industrial packaging solutions that go above and beyond the call of duty, and provide maximum value to all clients, allow FCA Packaging to be in charge of your industrial protective packaging and all that it entails.

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