Wood boards and a steel chain.
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March 9, 2017
Different Materials For Different Crates
Different Materials For Different Crates
September 26, 2017

The Advantages of Custom Industrial Packaging

The Advantages of Custom Industrial Packaging

We all know that custom-made things are the best. In this case, we are referring to custom packaging – including custom skids, platforms, boxes, crates and pallets.  We will explain some of the most important benefits brought to you by a superb custom crating company like FCA Packaging.


  1. Product Safety

Due to the fact that our crates are made specifically for your application or product, they will provide the best level of safety because they are custom designed and manufactured to protect your specific product. Generic crates and packaging can’t provide the same level of safety in transit and handling.

  1. Save Time and Money

All crates or packaging that we build will be custom built so you don’t waste time or encounter complications trying to secure the goods during transport. Packaging will be built for your specific product, your specific use, and your specific needs in transit.  We can even ISTA certify your packaging to the transportation standard you need in our ISTA-Certified packaging center.

  1.  Branding

Custom wood pallets with the name of your company on them look impressive for sure. They are also known for boosting the awareness of your company and attracting new clients or customers.  FCA can brand your packaging as required with coatings, colors, logos, marks, or pre-printed material.

  1.  Insulation and Inner-Pack

When it comes to custom packaging, proper insulation is mandatory. Here we have a variety of additional advantages. Standard crates usually have low or no insulation at all. We can customize your packaging to have the necessary protection both inside and out.  And with various materials and design alternatives, we can assure in the process that you get the most economical solution as well.

  1.  Material Variety

Custom Wooden and Wood Skids, Pallets and Platforms are possible in all types of materials. Wood is the most common, but not the only one. You can choose between metal, plastics, composite materials and more. All of this is important if you are looking for a way to make a perfect combination between affordable prices and between the ultimate protection of your product while having it transported.



These are the most important advantages custom Heavy industrial packaging has to offer. They are not the only ones! In general, you can expect better productivity, fewer issues caused by packaging, and more satisfied customers. Additionally, you can expect that FCA Packaging’s 30+ years of expertise will get you the best quality crates at the most economical and competitive prices.

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