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January 19, 2017
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February 2, 2017

The Benefits of Hybrid Packaging Solutions

At FCA Packaging, we utilize many reliable materials for our various custom packaging solutions. These materials range from wood, engineered wood, plastic, steel, and aluminum. But sometimes, it takes more than one kind of material to fit the needs of our customers. So, we developed a new solution: hybrid packaging. The hybrid products are just what they sound like; combinations of materials to create packs that more closely fit your needs. From returnable skids to reusable packaging products, each hybrid item carries unique capabilities. They increase safety, stability, and resilience throughout the packing and shipping process. Here are just a few examples of our unique hybrid packages.


Hybrid Reusable Box

These boxes can be made from any of the materials listed above. It can contain contoured nests inside that allow for the equipment to be transported with safety and ease. Not only does the mix of materials provide reliable transport, they also contribute to environmental and economic purposes since it is reusable and responsibly designed. Reusable packaging products not only help save you money, but they can also help save the environment by disposing of fewer materials. You can rely on these boxes for organization, security, and longevity.


Hybrid Returnable Skid

These skids can also be built from any of the materials mentioned above, and offer industrial environments reliable and sturdy support. This type of skid can be used in various industries, such as construction and mining. Also, as with many of our hybrid designs, it can be meant for several return trips. This brings the total cost down each time it is reused.


Universal Utility Box

Easily one of FCA’s biggest movers is the humble utility box. Made from both regular and engineered wood, this box is meant for reliable, high-volume, and cost-effective shipping. Like our other hybrid custom packaging solutions, this box is optimized using different materials and can be built to meet specific needs at a wide variety of sizes. This unit can be designed heavily for return trips or slimmed down for one-way ventures. It is also environmentally conscious; its materials can be easily broken down and disposed of safely.

Whether or not you prefer universal, returnable, or reusable packaging products, our services have got you covered. For more information on acquiring these custom packaging solutions, please be sure to contact FCA Packaging today.

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