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December 29, 2016
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January 12, 2017

The Value of our Custom Wooden Pallets

Custom Wood Pallets

Custom wood pallets for all types of products

Often throughout many industries, product packaging is not thoughtfully considered (or worse, completely overlooked until it is time to ship). Sometimes things can be managed with a standard issue box; toss it in, add some padding and it’s good to go. But what happens when your product is too big, too heavy, or too delicate for such methods? Your product may require specifically customized packages for their guaranteed safety. For any original equipment manufacturer (OEM) big or small, FCA provides multiple custom solutions that will preserve your equipment through common (and uncommon) transport conditions. For products such as fabrics, film, engines, and generators, FCA offers custom wooden pallets as an appropriate OEM packaging solution.


The Custom Wooden pallets

These can be built to suit an endless variety of products. One of the most common is its flexible abilities as an engine skid. Engines have specific mount points used to bolt them into the equipment they’re built for. We utilize those same strong points to secure the engines to the platform. These are designed in collaboration with our customer’s engineering team and our own group of degreed packaging engineers to ensure the best fit and function achievable. Of course, this is just one example of how flexible they can be.


Varied Usage

Aside from engines, the custom wooden pallets can be adapted for rolled materials, large heavy machinery, or lightweight but awkward shapes. Also, they can be fitted with canopies to cover products sensitive to weather.


For your Convenience

No matter what your OEM needs are, FCA provides optimum care and attention to how we design and build your packages. We realize how important it is to you to have your product shipped safely and securely. We understand your concerns and the frustration that can come along with damage. We’re here to ease the burden and lower the chances of damage with our OEM packaging solutions. We’ve made investments in design and testing capabilities to help ensure the quality of what we build, and we stand behind every pack.


If you have any questions regarding our OEM packaging products and services, take a minute to contact FCA Packaging here.

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