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January 26, 2017
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February 9, 2017

The Variety of our Custom Film and Fabric Packages

Here at FCA Packaging, we understand that certain materials require unique OEM packaging solutions. Products such as fabrics, film, and paper can be easily harmed during delivery. So special attention must be paid when developing their packaging. To serve these industries, we’ve developed methods of securely and safely holding these sensitive OEM packaging materials. Each of the following solutions from FCA can be adapted specifically to hold oddly-shaped, dense products.


Custom Crates

Capable of being built for a wide range of weights and sizes, these custom crates are some of our most popular and reliable packages for both the films and fabrics mentioned here (as well as electronics and parts shipment). They can also be built using a wide range of materials to fit your strength vs. cost ratio.


Custom Reusable Crates

Another popular choice among customers is the more robust and reusable style of crates. These custom reusable crates are built to withstand multiple trips while retaining their reliability. They also remain within the tolerances specified to do the job. Like other custom crating, the inside can be designed and fabricated to contain all sorts of shapes. As with all of our other reusable solutions, these crates offer a huge environmental benefit – less trash!


Custom Equipment Crates

Finally, our custom equipment crate is one of the largest of our whole catalog. Like the regular kind of custom crates, this solution can be adapted for various larger-than-average shapes and sizes. The inside is just as customizable, keeping configuration options endless.


These crates are just some of our most valuable OEM packaging options. To see our other items in the Fabrics/Film packaging catalog, be sure to check them out here. For more information on our services, feel free to contact FCA Packaging with any inquiries.

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