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December 22, 2016
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January 5, 2017

The Versatility of Collapsible Boxes

Sometimes the most inconvenient part of shipping is having to stock the package itself. They can be troublesome, taking up valuable space on your floor or on your shelves. FCA Packaging has made large investments into collapsible packaging and has developed a strong portfolio to address the space issue. Pre-pack storage is and will continue to be a rising concern for any industry. We are striving to be at the forefront of the effort to save space, time, and money when it comes to custom industrial packaging. After all, why should you have to struggle with your industrial packaging solutions? Their whole purpose is to make the delivery easier. Some of the main advantages of our line of collapsible products are:

Practical Use

Two essential objectives we had when we began designing our line of collapsible boxes were simplicity and ease of setup. Innovations like wood panel walls folding up easily like a corrugated box, fastener-free assembly, and easy tear-down are features rarely found in wooden collapsible packages (let alone all mixed into one). This kind of approach to custom industrial packaging brings more convenience to our clients.

Wide Range of Sizes

Here’s a phrase not thrown around in the industrial packaging industry much: modular design. Whenever possible, we approach developing packs with modularity in mind – meaning, a design can be scaled up or down, or added on to easily. The advantage to this? We can use one proven design for many applications without reinventing the wheel every time. The result here is that our collapsible boxes have a broad range of sizing options. These custom industrial packaging solutions are ready for whatever sized product comes their way.

Built Responsibly

Being involved in the expendable packaging industry, FCA has grown very conscious of the impact we make on our environment. Trees are one of Humanity’s greatest resources; one that should be protected. When we developed these packs, we utilized materials made from fast growing trees, sourced from sustainable farm systems.

Cost Effective

To be sure we could keep costs down, the engineering and sourcing teams worked together to make the most efficient material choices according to what’s available on the market and how well it would work for this application. After vetting several combinations and designs, what you see here is a well-optimized and stout pack ready for service.

For answers about how these boxes fit your needs, take a moment to reach out to FCA today. We have many more custom industrial packaging solutions available for your products.


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