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How to Save Costs on Packaging
October 27, 2016
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The Value of Packaging Management Services
November 10, 2016

Value of Heavy Industrial Packaging

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We live in an industrious, bustling world of necessity. When it comes to starting or running a business, the right packaging is a necessity we can’t operate without. The focus of proper packaging is often revolves around the value of the product being shipped, or the surfaces and fragility of the product itself. Design packaging with the sufficiently strong material is important, but not scarring or damaging the surface of the product is equally important.   The particular design of heavy industrial packaging ensures safety for all large and/or fragile equipment in need of protection when being transported.


Professional Workmanship

We build our durable packages through a rigorous testing process to guarantee both safety and peace of mind. Each packaging engineer is well trained and holds a degree in their respective fields. We hold each of our certified packaging engineers to the highest standards of design. They design packaging based on the economic and effectiveness goals of the customer, then simulate all of the possible situations that the package will be in to ensure that it remains safe throughout the transition process.   At FCA, our packaging materials and finished product designs and prototypes (including our Heavy Industrial ones) are each tested through our own packaging development center, which is certified to ASTM standards.


Practical Safety

While we make our packaging sufficiently strong to protect the valuable product inside them, we also make them light as possible to save our customers money, both on the packaging and the tare weight in shipment. Our engineers have the experience to balance the economic and safety objectives of our customers’ valuable product.


Heavy Duty Responsibility

No matter the industry, we can always design packaging with various materials to meet our customers’ objectives. With millions, and maybe even billions of dollars worth of valuable product being shipped each year, the packaging provider better do its job well. That is why we design our packages to be reliable regardless of the size or type of product. We worry more, so you can worry less!


FCA. Custom Industrial Packaging. Designed. Built. Managed.



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