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The Value of Packaging Management Services
November 10, 2016
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Product Showcase – Custom Aerospace Crates
November 24, 2016

The Value of Packaging Testing

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The most important part of a shipped package is the product within the package. AT FCA, the most important part of our business is preserving that product and giving you peace of mind. Proper packaging testing is what gives our customers the needed assurance that a product will be preserved and transported to the safest level of protection. With varying products come varying forms of packaging. No matter how different each container is, they are all made with key and standardized industry (or custom if preferred) testing procedures. Listed below are descriptions of how our packaging testing procedures bring the necessary security to your products shipments.


Vibration Tests

Vibration and transportation testing is a quick and standardized way to understand how your product and its packaging will hold up in shipment. What if my package gets ruined bumped, shaken, or kicked around while being transported? Well, standard vibration packaging testing simulates and prepares in advance for these possible circumstances.


Inclined Impact Tests

Casual vibrations are not always the only threats to secure packaging. There are also the expected hazards of general transportation. In other words, what about when a package abruptly stops and possibly hits another object. We see this all the time while riding in the back of a truck, on airport belts, or other less expected incidents. Our inclined impact testing system makes sure all levels of potential damage are tested for. This allows FCA to design a custom package for you that ensures safety in shipment.


Compression Tests

Similar to the inclined impact test, the Compression tests are meant to strengthen and better understand the impact of a packaging material. The compression testing procedure measures how much weight it takes to break or flatten a package, for example. It also tells us how the materials we build your packaging with (crates, boxes, skids, etc.) will hold up under stress. Once we determine an appropriate range of how durable a package should be, we can move on with confidence that the package will not be destroyed under usual circumstances.


Please be sure to visit our engineering page for more information on how we construct our trusted packages. For more information on how we can serve your packaging needs, be sure to contact FCA Packaging here.

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