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June 1, 2016
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June 7, 2016

Why Everyone Should Consider Custom Wood Crates

custom wood packaging

Custom wooden crates are used extensively in the market today and for good reason.  Despite the development of other materials, wooden crates remain one of the most economical (and yes – even sustainable) sources available for packaging. Here are some others advantages.

Wood is Affordable: A wooden box or crate is typically more affordable compared to a crate made of other materials of the same size.  And the customization, replacement or redesign of a wooden crate is simple, easy, affordable, and can be done at any time.

Wood is Easy To Customize, Reuse, And Repair: Wood can also be designed and built for reuse.  If, after several uses, the wood needs to be replaced, certain individual parts of the wood product can be replaced without replacing the whole crate, box or skid.  This further saves costs and reduces landfill loads.

Wood is Very Strong: Wooden crates can be extremely durable.  Particularly with FCA’s engineered wood products, items can be built to withstand significant weight and international shipping requirements.  FCA’s packaging and engineering design use the right material, the right wood material, and the right design to ensure your product is protected in shipment.  Custom wood containers also provide excellent weight distribution, which prevents damage to the goods stored therein.

Wood is Eco-Friendly: Wood products are actually sustainable and FCA partners with the best suppliers in North America who make sustainability a priority.  Our largest suppliers are part of the Sustainability Forestry Initiative and plant significantly more trees than they harvest.   FCA also builds reusable wood containers to help minimize environmental impact and maximize your profit.  As we say, FCA designs packaging to protect your products, builds it to protect your value, and manages it to protect your world!

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