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March 2, 2017
The Advantages of Custom Industrial Packaging
The Advantages of Custom Industrial Packaging
September 26, 2017

Wood vs. Steel: Which is better for packaging?

Wood boards and a steel chain.

Trick question, obviously. There is no global answer to that. But there is an answer to this: Which will be best for my product? Wood packaging, or steel packaging? Our two key packaging options both offer loads of benefits but do so in different ways. Let’s talk a little bit about each, and how they can come together to offer something special.



Wood is known for being lightweight and easy to cut. It lends itself to the construction of custom packaging. Its sturdiness allows for reliable strength and also doesn’t interfere at all with electronic appliances. Although wood is often considered an unsustainable resource, our engineered wood option is manufactured from trees that mature at a faster rate. Some of our wood/engineered wood packaging products include the Large Custom Crate, the Custom Product Skid, and the Collapsible Box.



Steel is a more rigid, longer-lasting material since it does not shrink or rot over extended periods of time (unlike wood). This is why steel is often implemented in our reusable and returnable packaging products. This can make steel packaging options more cost effective in the long run if return loops are utilized (ask us how we could help with that). It is also more protective against internal damage in case of an accident. Some of our steel-based products include the Returnable Steel Engine Rack, the Hybrid Reusable Box, and the Hybrid Returnable Skid.



In some cases, it can be beneficial to have mixed-construction packs. We call this Hybrid Packaging. Our hybrid products combine wood, steel, and other materials. This brings both reliable and comfortable housing for your unique products. Some of the hybrid product options include the Hybrid Reusable Utility Box, The Hybrid Returnable Skid, and the Large Custom Crate. This just goes to show that wood and steel packaging can be more flexible than we expect.


For more information on steel and wood packaging options, be sure to check out our product catalog. For any more information, please feel free to reach out to FCA Packaging today.

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