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January 5, 2017
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January 19, 2017

Wooden Crates for Electrical Equipment

custom wood packaging

Your product’s fragility is one of the main concerns when choosing packaging style and materials. On the more fragile side of the spectrum is electronics, as they’re more susceptible to impacts and continuous resonance. No one wants a faulty appliance with broken shoulders or loose connections ruining their day. At FCA packaging, you won’t have to worry about any problems with packaging for electronics (or any other kind of equipment). Why? Because we design and manufacture the most reliable, versatile, and proven custom packaging to match your unique needs. Choosing FCA can help ensure that damage due to shipping and mishandling will be mitigated. Here’s a look at some of our unique wooden crates that can be configured for your electrical tools and equipment.


Large Server Crate with Ramp

When it comes to the process of packaging for electronics, servers need to be handled with special care. We designed this pack to fit a specific need – servers are tall, narrow, and heavy, making them difficult to ship safely. With the ramp (that is neatly built into the wall) packing the server is as easy as rolling the unit into the crate on its casters. It’ll hold other things besides servers too. If your product is tall and awkward, then this could be your solution.


Large Custom Crates

One of our most popular custom packaging options, this flexible solution can be built to house any sized electrical item. It is popular in part for its versatility. FCA developed this box to house items too large to fit into standard sized crates but that still need protection from the environment.


Custom Crates

Capable of being built for a wide range of weights and sizes, this custom crate is another one of our most popular and reliable options. That includes not only packaging for electronics, but for other products as well. They can also be built using a wide range of materials to fit your strength vs. cost ratio.


Collapsible Crates

One of the things that we at FCA are known for is our collapsible packaging. Assembled boxes can be difficult to store due to their large and often non-standard sizes. The solution? Collapsible crates that are both quick and easy to set up. This helps reduce initial storage concerns and could also save the end user headaches with their easy breakdown design.


Be sure to check out our products page for more custom packaging materials. If you have any further questions, take the time to contact FCA Packaging today.

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