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August 3, 2016
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August 17, 2016

Industries We Serve: Energy

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FCA Packaging works closely with energy industries to make the best packaging possible.

In the industrial and technological age, energy in all its forms drives a large part of our civilization.  From traditional fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, the best known OEMs in the world either produce products to harness and convert that energy, or sell products to others to allow them to do the same. At FCA Packaging, we recognize the importance of cultivating these new energy sources, and we design and manufacture the right packaging to protect these products.  With the ability to produce custom designed protective packaging for items as seemingly durable as drills and as obviously fragile as solar panels, the scope of what we’re able to protect and package stretches much farther than the competition. 

Solar Panels

Packaging solar panels and equipment can be a delicate challenge.  Solar panels are expensive. For something that expensive and that delicate, it is certainly worth spending the money on custom protective packaging.  FCA has designed unique packaging for both vertical and horizontal orientation of panels that ship well and stay protected while minimizing the cost of packaging.  The key is in the design and testing of the packaging to ensure safety of the fragile product in shipping, without significantly extending the cost to the customer.

Drills, Turbines and Engines

While our packaging for solar panels demonstrates our gentler side, our packaging for drills and turbines shows that we can handle the heavy-duty stuff just as well.  Certainly no less valuable, and likely no less fragile, our large wood, steel and hybrid, custom-designed packaging products for energy applications are durable and able to withstand large amounts of weight and pressure. Our protective packaging is able to withstand the weight that you require because we will design it to do just that.

Whatever You Need

The field of energy solutions is vast and always growing.  That means that whatever tools you’re looking to protect may not have sufficient packaging on the market yet.  Our hybrid utility box can be fitted to any size and made with wood, steel, plastic, or hybrid materials, whatever is best for your product.

Our large custom designed skids will fit your turbines, generators and engines because they will be designed to do so.

At FCA Packaging, we believe that our flexibility, ingenuity, and diversity of products and knowledge make us the best custom packaging firm in business today.  For all custom energy equipment packaging, contact FCA Packaging.  Check out some of our energy products at https://fcapackaging.com/products/energy/

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