Regardless of your industry, FCA is an ideal packaging partner if your product requires unique or unusual packaging needs.


Heavy, hard-to-handle, or delicate industrial equipment


Low volume production runs of high value products and equipment


Expendable and/or reusable packaging


Just-In-Time (JIT) manaufacturing and delivery with short lead times




Custom Packaging for Energy Equipment

Many companies in the energy equipment space require custom and cost-effective packaging solutions for their specific energy products. FCA can design and manufacture durable solutions for your drilling, turbine, generator or alternative energy applications.

Electrical Equipment

Many of our customers' electrical, computing, and networking products are fragile, delicate or unusually sized, requiring highly customized, yet cost effective packaging. FCA can design and manufacture a solution for your large electrical, computing, networking, medical or other electrical systems products.


Aerospace and Defense

We are the leaders at designing customized packaging solutions for long, wide, unevenly weighted, and often delicate industrial aerospace and defense equipment. We can design and manufacture packaging customized to protect your product in both storage and transit.

Produce, transport, or assemble any of the above? Find out how to improve packaging quality, production lead times and boost savings.

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Custom Industrial Packaging
for Energy Equipment

FCA has been providing custom packaging solutions for heavy industrial products to many of the biggest names in the industry for over 25 years. Many of the world's leading OEMs in construction, agriculture and mining choose FCA to package their valuable products.

Whether you need custom-built packaging to protect construction equipment being transported on/off the highway, heavy duty agricultural equipment shipped via rail or mining equipment that needs to survive a long trip to remote locations, you've come to the right place.

Engine & Component

FCA claims many of the best-known names in engine manufacturing as our customers. Whether on- or off-highway, rail or other applications, FCA provides packaging for the engines, transmissions, turbos, radiators and other engine assemblies, sub-assemblies and components that drive your business.


Industrial Fabrics/Film

FCA designs custom packaging products for manufacturers of high value specialty fabrics, films, and various other paper and plastics products. Packaging for specialty fabrics and films requires custom designed solutions to ensure protection of the often delicate and high value customer product.

We design such packaging for:

  • Specialty fabrics
  • Specialty films
  • Industrial Paper & Plastics Products

Whether you actually produce these products or build the equipment used to produce them, we can custom engineer packaging to protect your product and lower your packaging costs with greater flexibility and shorter lead times.


Does your company face any of these unique packaging constraints?