Custom Reusable Box. Custom packaging
Product Showcase – Custom Reusable Box
December 1, 2016
Custom Glass Box and Pallet. Glass Custom Pallets and Boxes Option.
Product Showcase –Custom Glass Box and Pallet
December 15, 2016

Product Showcase – Capabilities of the Custom Equipment Skid

Custom Equipment Skid. Custom wood skids options.

There are an infinite number of products available here at FCA Packaging. How can we say something like that? It’s because we have a team of professionals ready to help you develop solutions custom fit to your needs. One industry that we have a large focus in is engine shipment. So, as a part of our Product Showcase series of blogs, we would like to present the Custom Equipment Skid. Although simple in appearance, these custom wood skids are some of the strongest and most reliable packs we build that we have here at FCA. Let’s take a closer look.


Product Details

Skids are an invaluable asset for the industrial industry and allow for effective restraint for many different shapes, sizes, and weights. Our custom wood skids’ build-ups and seating locations can be designed to fit perfectly with the required application. It is designed for stability, usability, and reliability. Pictured is an example of what we mean. These particular custom wood skids are each specially designed to carry a 1,800-pound diesel engine from its factory to the customer – which could be a dealer in Detroit, a factory in Canada to be installed in a truck, or to a service yard in China. With our range of customizable wood skids like this, your product will be held securely no matter where it is taken. That is the core benefit of custom packaging: Your needs can be met regardless of size, weight, sensitivity, or destination. And we can prove it before it even hits your floor. Ask us how.


Further Possibilities

While heavy equipment and engines make up much of our volume, we’d like to point out that there are far more skids and platforms available for various other industries. These include the Multi-Use Product skid, Large Heavy Duty Custom skid, and the Hybrid Returnable skid. If you are curious as to what type of shipping platform is best for your own needs, don’t hesitate to contact FCA Packaging today with any questions and inquiries. We’re here for you.


See picture below.

Custom Equipment Skid. Custom wood skids options.

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