collapsible packaging
FCA’s Collapsible Packaging Receives Patent
March 2, 2017
Wood boards and a steel chain.
Wood vs. Steel: Which is better for packaging?
March 9, 2017

How we handle speed and efficiency

A man analyzing the correlation between speed and efficiency.

Regardless of industry, when searching for a product development company, you often worry about two things: speed and efficiency. Understanding this dilemma, we at FCA Packaging focus on excelling in both areas. That way, at least when it comes to packaging, you’ve got little to worry about. We not only implement rigorous packaging testing procedures, but we also do so within a timeframe that fits your needs. We never neglect the importance of packaging testing and design. Here is a little insight into what makes our packaging design process both quick and reliable.


Creative Packaging Design

Our engineers specialize in packaging and were trained for our rapid design requirements. A lot of our packaging designs are smart and modular. This means that a design that works somewhere else could quickly be adapted to your needs. When we encounter something that offers new challenges, group collaboration and rapid conceptualization turn around to get rolling in the right direction. FCA has encouraged an open culture of creativity within the engineering group and it promises innovative solutions for whatever is brought our way (along with providing them the tools and resources to expand their skillset).


Thinking Fast

A part of what helps us meet strict timing constraints is our ability to isolate the challenges and effectively communicate with our team to iron out expectations and requirements. We know the clock is always ticking. We work with a modern task management system. Not only that, but our close-knit departments make getting answers both fast and fluid. Rushing a product and hoping it works out is never acceptable. Also, testing without the need for a third party regularly saves us loads of time. Our well-equipped testing lab can verify and validate on the fly.


JIT Policy

All of our skills allow us to deliver a well-tested product within our JIT (Just-In-Time) policy. And that includes all packaging products, from hybrid boxes to custom wooden crates. If you would like to see any of our available packaging solutions, feel free to explore our products page here. For any other questions regarding packaging testing and design, please be sure to contact FCA Packaging today.

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