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July 5, 2016
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ISTA Testing Guidelines

ISTA testing

All of our packaging is ISTA tested, so use FCA for all industrial packaging needs.

Finding industrial packaging that adheres to industry guidelines is not only safe and smart, but imperative to shipping your mission critical parts across the world. At FCA Packaging, we can assure you that our industrial packaging will pass all package testing guidelines, including certified ISTA testing. What is ISTA testing? Why does it matter? Don’t take our word for it that it’s important and learn a little something about ISTA testing to make the right decisions for your business.

Beginning as NTSC

Though it has undergone many changes and seen a lot of development, the idea for the ISTA began in 1948 when the NTSC, National Safe Transit Committee, was established by Dana Chase Publications Inc. It was then that they developed the first ever tests to make sure that packaging could withstand “average transportation shocks” that would not be unreasonable to assume all packaging would need to survive. They had noticed the issue of porcelain products being damaged in shipping processes and decided that retribution for damaged goods wasn’t enough: the best way to deal with the issue would be preventative care, and thus, the road to the ISTA began.

Journey to ISTA

While still the NTSC, the organization began gaining huge success, with thousands of companies using their pre-shipment tested labels on their items to show that they were ready for shipment. Even UPS recognized the benefits of NTSC testing and adopted them as a standard for their company. In 1973 the NTSC was renamed the NSTA (National Safe Transit Association), but by 1994 “National” quickly became outdated as their scope grew, and the ISTA, International Safe Transit Association, was created.

Importance of Implementation

Adhering to ISTA standards means that your products are absolutely secure with us, and you don’t have to take our word for it. Saying that our packaging is ISTA tested means that it’s been through the most rigorous and effective testing imaginable, and that’s it’s ready to serve you.

You’ll Be ISTA Ready

Trusting us to provide with you with well-tested packaging means that your customers will trust that packaging, ultimately ensuring the safe shipment of your mission critical product, and lowering your warranty costs.

FCA Packaging has an ISTA Certified Packaging Testing Lab where we can design and test your packaging to ISTA standards. Protect yourself, protect your products, and protect your reputation by adhering to ISTA guidelines and using FCA Packaging for all of your industrial packaging needs. We worry more, so you can worry less.


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