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The Value of Packaging Testing
November 17, 2016
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Product Showcase – Custom Reusable Box
December 1, 2016

Product Showcase – Custom Aerospace Crates

Airplane. Representing custom aerospace crates. Custom crates from FCA Packaging.

FCA provides all sorts of packaging solutions to many different industries. Many of our products are built to the rigorous specifications required by many of the more technologically advanced industries around the world – companies with unique, sensitive product. To meet the demand driven by these industries, we design and manufacture packaging to hold them safely and securely – often exceeding industry testing standards. We at FCA Packaging would like to take a moment to showcase to you some of our most unique and capable custom crates. For this showcase, we would like to present the Customized Aerospace Crates.


Custom Aerospace Crates

The aerospace and defense industry has some of the most stringent requirements and complex needs we know of. With that comes real challenges in design, manufacturing, and logistics. We work with both large and small – from complex shuttle ducting to satellite antennas and even ballistics. You think anybody wants that stuff to be traveling in an unfit pack? Rolling about in a generic box? The custom crates we develop are often a company’s last stand in protecting their delicate equipment. They take it seriously, and so do we. Yet we can design and build these custom crates to their economic goals as well, combining fit packaging with the lowest possible spend.


Other Possibilities

We’ve invested heavily in the capabilities to design the complex solutions described above. What could that mean for you and the rest of the world? Well, while aerospace might be pushing the envelope in industrial packaging today, it will open up more opportunities to use the methods learned there elsewhere. Aerospace isn’t the only industry shipping highly-sensitive equipment, after all. Server manufacturers, high-tolerance CNC machines, and the bustling solar industry come to mind. Large, small, light or heavy, FCA Packaging is your source for complex industrial packaging.


For more information on our products in the Aerospace/Defense, Industrial, Energy, Electronics, Engine, and Fabrics/Film Industry, be sure to check out a catalog of some of the customer items we have built here: For any inquiries not cover in our catalog, don’t hesitate to contact FCA Packaging here.

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