Custom Equipment Skid. Custom wood skids options.
Product Showcase – Capabilities of the Custom Equipment Skid
December 8, 2016
FCA Packaging Announces the ISO Re-Certification of its Facilities to the new ISO 9001:2015 Standard
December 19, 2016

Product Showcase –Custom Glass Box and Pallet

Custom Glass Box and Pallet. Glass Custom Pallets and Boxes Option.

Companies focus long and hard on their products to make them as effective and efficient as possible. Yet so often one of the most crucial steps missed during the process is how efficient and effective the final packaging will be. There are many different elements that require focus and attention to make a good pack: Product shape, size, and fragility are some. How the pack will be moved, stored, and discarded are others. Every design at FCA starts with these questions in mind and more. We would like to showcase one of the custom packs we build that provide the benefits we and our Energy Industry clients find valuable (while also being distinctly unique). As a part of our Product Showcase blogs, FCA Packaging would like to discuss the Custom Glass Box and Pallet.


Product Details

The Custom Glass Box and Pallet is a symbol of protection and flexibility for FCA’s catalog. The glass custom pallets and boxes pack is what we like to call modular – It can be built large but lightweight enough to house solar panels destined for South Africa or stout enough for large sheets of bulletproof glass destined for interrogation rooms. Since no two items are the same, of course, it’s never that easy. So, we like to test each of these packs per application to match the desired level of protection and robustness. For instance, some items might be fragile around their perimeter but retainable within their footprint, while others need their weight secured at the borders or it could burst through the package by gaining a little momentum from an impact.


More Possibilities

Further details about the Custom Glass Box and Pallet option can be found in both our Industrial and Energy packaging catalogs here The glass custom pallets and boxes are a fine packaging solution, but we would like to point out that they are not the only ones to choose from. There are plenty of other large and small-scale packaging materials to be found in the Aerospace/Defense, Electronics, Engine, and Fabrics/Film Industry sections. Feel free to browse! For more information on custom pallets and boxes options, or for questions not found on our website, please contact FCA Packaging for more information.

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