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November 24, 2016
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Product Showcase – Custom Reusable Box

Custom Reusable Box. Custom packaging

There are many products that ship in our packaging that require special features built-in due to the kind of product they need to carry. For example: photo-reactive printing plates. Printing plates are very sensitive and delicate products used in the film industry catalog and require a lot of special treatment during their voyage from manufacturer to customer. For a look into the world of custom packaging required to move printing plates around, FCA would like to introduce you to the Custom Reusable Box. This special look is a part of our Product Showcase series of blogs; please take some time to check out the other entries in the series as well.


Powerful Abilities

This custom reusable box is made with special interior protection for photo-reactive printing plates we mentioned above. It allows for the user to take out the printing plates without exposing the plates to unwanted light. This relieves the stress of being sure the plates don’t get too much exposure while getting the plates around. Not only does this custom box allow for easier access to the plates, it simplifies and speeds loading and unloading. Another side effect of this pack design is helping to minimize the need for repetitive maintenance on the plates. And like so many of our products, this package is environmentally conscious because, as the title implies, this box is capable of being reused, meaning less gets thrown away. This also means that there will be fewer boxes to have to purchase, saving you more time and money.


Other Options Available

There are many benefits to be had with custom packaging, and we’ve got plenty more for use in the Fabrics and Film industry. Not only that, but you will find in our catalog materials for the Engine, Electronics, Energy, Industrial, and Aerospace/Defense worlds as well. Please be sure to contact FCA Packaging today for all of your custom packaging needs.


(See Picture below).

Custom Reusable Box. Custom packaging

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