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December 19, 2016
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December 29, 2016

Product Showcase – Hybrid Reusable Box

antenna. Represents equipment protected by hybrid reusable box.

There are many kinds of unique equipment that require various special needs for their packaging. Here at FCA Packaging, we handle clients from the Aerospace/Defense, Industrial, Energy, Engine, and Fabrics/Film industries, among others. While needs differ from one industry to the next, one need that is universal is protection. Protection brings assurance to any and all clients who worked hard on their product and want to see it get where it needs to go without being damaged. One of our favorite ways that we provide protection again and again is through our Hybrid Reusable package lines. By bringing more than one kind of material to your pack, these solutions can be perfectly optimized and balance for strength, longevity, and cost. As a part of our Product Showcase series, we at FCA Packaging would like to present one of our reusable packaging products that can bring vast efficiencies to your world. To help illustrate this further, please continue reading for special insight on the Hybrid Reusable Box.



The Hybrid Reusable Box is special for featuring a mixture of aluminum, plastic-coated engineered wood, extruded plastic, and rubber. It may look like an ordinary gray box. But there is more to this pack than meets the eye. Inside is a floating deck, mounted by rubber isolators of a specific durometer to protect the product being shipped for harsh resonances. That product? A prototype military aircraft antenna. This unit is a perfect example of hybrid manufacturing methods and has gained fame within FCA for being used as an example for this on numerous occasions. It is light-weight, robust, and economical, and ready to serve your needs time and time again. This particular box saved the customer 65% over their existing steel option, and reduced the tare weight of the packaging by 50%, saving them significantly on freight as well. Yet the product is still weatherable and reusable! This Hybrid is a fine example of reliability with our reusable packaging products. Check it out here https://fcapackaging.com/products/aerospace-and-defense/ and feel free to contact FCA packaging for more information on the specific length of the box’s reusability.


Further Options

There are many other Hybrid packs and reusable packaging products to look for in our catalog. However, there is also plenty of expendable packaging that could meet your needs as well. FCA Packaging provides loads of benefits via different forms of packaging. If you would like to hear more about the possibilities of the materials, be sure to contact FCA Packaging today.

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